Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament Lines

Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament Lines

A Comparison Between Fluorocarbon And Monofilament Lines  When comparing Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament fishing lines, choosing between them is crucial for most anglers. For instance, you can see that the monofilament line is more flexible and can be used for various fishing methods. However, fluorocarbon is more robust, has low visibility, has a thin diameter, and …

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Ice Fishing Augers Reviews (Best 8 )

The first step in ice fishing is to drill a hole through the ice. There are many methods for doing this, ranging from old techniques such as hand drills or ice chipping to contemporary motorized Ice Fishing Augers.  What you’re fishing for, what you’re capable of, and what you want to accomplish typically decide your …

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