Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580p (Review)

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One of the most important items any fisherperson owns is sunglasses. They may not seem all that important on low-light days, but a good pair of fishing sunglasses will help you track down your fish before you even get a line in the water. In this regard, Costa Del Mar is the best in the business.

The Costa Del Mar Blackfish Sunglasses are one such product on the market at the moment. If you’re going fishing, a good pair of polarized sunglasses is what you need, nothing else will let you see the fish as well as a pair of these.

The only time I will head out fishing without a pair is if I’m night fishing Chances are, I will be staying till daybreak anyway, so I will still have it in my bag. Not only will a good pair help you to see the fish better, but will protect your eyes as well.

The glare coming off the water can be punishing to the point where you can’t even look up. With a good pair of fishing sunglasses, this isn’t a problem, and your eyes will thank you for it.

What to look for


When it comes to choosing your next pair of fishing sunglasses, you have so many choices that it can be overwhelming. This being said, there are a few things to look for before making that next purchase.

Polarized sunglasses can be very expensive, so is a good idea to have some idea of what you are looking for beforehand. Some of the things I look for when choosing my sunglasses are

  • Are they polarizedCosta Del Mar Sunglasses
  • Price
  • Glass lenses or not
  • Weight
  • Construction and durability
  • Scratch Resistant
  • How they sit on my head
  • Do they look good

Why Polarized

Quite simply, they enable you to see deeper into the water by cutting down the glare and UV. This is not only essential when looking for fish, but if you like to fish around the reef, this is essential. you need a pair that can still see the reef in low light.

Pretty much any polarized pair will help, but some are much better than others. If you don’t have polarized, you might as well close your eyes and fish blind.

To get more technical, Polarized lenses are built with a vertical transmission filter that allows vertical light waves (direct light) while blocking horizontally oriented waves (reflected light). The reflected light waves are what fishermen call glare. Glare drastically reduces your ability to see into the water.

Costa Del Mar has been making sunglasses for a while now, and every year they get better and better. With the Blackfish range, you get the choice of lenses, depending on your requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of these sunglasses:



  • 580G – Lightwave glass
  • 580P – Polycarbonate
  • 99% Polarized
  • Multi-layer scratch resistant
  • Mirrored
  • Nylon frames



  1. Blue Mirror
  2. Green Mirror
  3. Grey
  4. Silver Copper
  5. Copper
  6. Silver Sunrise Mirror

580G – Lightwave Glass

This high-tech glass lens provides superior clarity. The mirrors are encapsulated between thin layers of glass to provide superior scratch resistance. These lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than most other polarized lenses on the market at the moment while still blocking 99.9% of glare.

580P – Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the lightest and most durable lens material option at the moment. It provides high clarity, while still having high impact resistance and being lightweight. The C-wall molecular bonded mirrors provide great scratch resistance and retell water, sweat, and oil for easy clean-up.


Polarized lenses are essential for anyone who spends time outdoors – especially on the water. But, not all polarized sunglasses are created equal. Costa is 99.9% polarized, providing the best efficiency available so that reflective glare is blocked-reducing eye strain and headaches.


Though not all mirrored, as some people don’t like the look, the ones that are, still look very good and help in harsh sunlight. They are made through an ion beam deposition process. This makes the multilayered thin film coating the most scratch-resistant mirror on the market.

Nylon frames

The frames are made with very high-quality injected bio-based nylon material that is very tough but still flexible meaning you still get a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

The TR-90 nylon is the premier material in sports and performance frames and has the bonus of being resistant to heat and cold. With the nylon, they easily mold to your face meaning you will always get that comfortable fit.


 Pros                                              Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

  • 580G – Lightwave glass
  • 580 Polycarbonate lens
  • Can add a prescription
  • 99% Polarization
  •  Strong and durable
  • Flexible
  • Lifetime warranty




  • Quite expensive
  • A lot of imitations around, be wary
  • Can be hard to find the right lens

Your Options When It Comes To Costa-Del-Mar Blackfin Sunglasses

Blue mirror


Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin Round Sunglasses


Best for bright full sun on open water and offshore.

  • 580 Glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 10% light transmission


Click here for more information


Best for – Boating, Fishing in deep water, on open reflective water, harsh sun



Green mirror




Enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on the flats.

  • 580 Glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 10% Light Transmission


Click Here For More Information


Best for – Sight fishing in full sun, high contrast






Good all everyday choice any activity on the water or land.

  • 580 glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 12% light transmission


Click Here For More Information


Best for – All-round activities, natural contrast



Silver Copper


See the source image


Great for river, creek fishing, and other environments with varying light.

  • 580 Glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 12% light transmission


Click Here For More Information


Best for – Excellent for sight fishing, everyday activities, most versatile, cloudy days




See the source imageCuts glare for eye comfort and a variety of situations from sight fishing to driving.

  • 580 Glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 12% light transmission


Click Here For More Information


Best for – Sight fishing in variable light and water conditions, everyday activities, driving, high contrast, variable light



Silver Sunrise Mirror




Excellent wear lens, Perfect for dusk and dawn.

  • Not Glass
  • 580 Poly
  • 30% light transmission


Click Here For More Information


Best for – Activities during sunrise/sunset, heightened contrast, low light/overcast conditions


To Wrap Up


With the multiple options you have with the lenses, you will always have the best pair for any circumstance. Though choosing the right one can be difficult. You can spend thousands getting one for each purpose, or you can settle for more of an all-around lens.

The Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses are some of the best I have ever seen, and the best in the fishing industry. With the number of choices you have, it’s not hard to find the perfect pair for whatever situation you find yourself in.

Of course, Costa Del Mar is just one brand that has a range of fishing sunglasses. If these aren’t to your liking, follow this link to see some other great options available at Top 10 Polarized Sunglasses.

Me, I purchased the blue mirrored as I do a lot of deep-sea fishing, but I find they are still quite good on the flats. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. As always

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