Fish Lip Gripper Reviews (The Best 5 Avalible)

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The best fish lip gripper should be durable, easy to use, lightweight, and also easy to grip. If you’re going fishing, this is an essential item to have on hand to protect yourself from violent fish attacks.

Another great tool to make sure you keep your hands away from the fish’s mouth is a good set of hook removers. Follow this link to Fish Hook Removers (The Best 7 Available)

Finding a high-quality grip that will hold your catch may be difficult for people who have never used a fish lip gripper before or are new to fishing.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide and a list of the best fish lip grippers available to help you narrow down your choices.

Furthermore, my reviews cut down on shopping time, enabling you to capture that fish of a lifetime even faster.

Rapala Floating Fish Gripper Scale Combo





  • Durable.
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Rust-resistant
  • Comfortable handle
  • Not harmful to fish
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Due to their dedication to producing high-quality goods that anglers want and need, Rapala is a name that’s trusted and respected worldwide. Instead of its famed lure assortment, the company has grown to give fishermen additional fishing gear and equipment in recent years.

The Rapala Floating Fish lip Gripper is undoubtedly the best fish gripper on the market today. It provides anglers with several benefits and designs to work when they need to concentrate on ensuring their catch is secure. This floating fish gripper is of excellent quality and is available in two sizes: 6″ and 9″ in length.

The Rapala Floating Fish Gripper designs to float if it drops into the water. It also has a collar worn around the neck for fast and straightforward clamping once the fish is on the boat. This gripper has a unique toe part that allows anglers to gain a stronger overall hold with only one hand while the other hand is free to remove hooks or do other tasks.

KastKing No-Puncture Gripper With Digital Scale





  • Waterproof digital scale.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy storage
  • 22-pound weight limit
  • Slip-free handle
  • Dual mode measurement

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Kastking provides everything you’ll need for your next fishing adventure. Furthermore, each of its items is reasonably priced. They do not, however, compromise on quality. This floating plastic fish lip gripper is the living, breathing proof of that statement.

To make the lip grip lightweight, they employ low-density plastic. Like other plastic lip grippers, the KastKing Madbite lip gripper floats in water. Nonetheless, it is solid and capable of handling large fish.

This one has the exact locking mechanism we evaluated as the Rapala 9″. The jaws, on the other hand, are pretty small. As a result, you may have difficulty obtaining large fish. Furthermore, the jaws feature a non-puncture end. As a result, holding it will not harm the fish’s lower jaw.

KastKing’s floating fish lip gripper has a digital scale that you may use independently. You may use the metal ring in the handle to secure the gripper to the scale. It’s also waterproof and floats! Don’t be concerned if you accidentally drop the scale in the water.

NOEBY Fishing Lip Grip

NOEBY Fishing Lip Grip



  •  Easy to hold
  • Rope-made grippy handle
  • Durable
  • Made with 6061 aluminum
  • Designed to use in saltwater

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This compact pistol grip is ideal for tiny and medium-sized fish. The ergonomic aluminum handle is easy to use, and the trigger-style grip mechanism is simple with one hand. You may keep it close at hand on your belt with the accompanying nylon sheath and coiled lanyard. Because it is made entirely of aluminum, you may use it in saltwater without fear of rusting.

A well-designed fish grabber allows for quick capture of fish. Furthermore, the KEVLAR rope-made hand grip provides the user with a very excellent sensation of handholding and the ability to prevent the possibility of hand slip even in damp conditions.

The pliers have outstanding corrosion resistance and maintain a long-lasting anti-rust nature even while fishing in the sea. The KEVLAR handle should be kept clean, and the elastic tying straps should keep your hand from falling off to keep the fish safe from contamination.

You can activate the gripper with a simple flick, much like a pocketknife. It’s rated up to 110 lbs, so unless you want to capture a whale, you’ll be OK!


Berkley Big Game Lip Grip





  • Stainless steel body
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Nonslip handle
  • Can handle any fish
  • Positive locking jaw

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This simple fish lip gripper is inexpensive for fishermen who need lip pliers. It excels at what it does best: managing fish.

This lip gripper is made entirely of stainless steel. As a result, it may use in both fresh and saltwater. Furthermore, the Berkley large game lip grip has a rubber studded grip. Even when wet, it maintains a firm grip.

You may adjust the lanyard at the top of the handle and wear it around your wrist. It fits comfortably in your arm and keeps the grip from sinking in the water.

Its T-style trigger mechanism is located in the center and is pretty responsive. It means that the positive locking jaws are safe to use without fear of damage if opened with sufficient force.

This gripper has no weight restriction. You may utilize the Berkley large game lip grip as long as you can bear the weight.


Ego Fish Lip Grabber





  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater

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Whether you’re bass fishing and want to better care for your fish or saltwater fishing and protect your fingers from toothy fish, the EGO Ultra Grip Scale is a must-have.

The stainless steel scale jaws are built to last, even in the dirtiest environments. The integrated scale on the EGO Ultra Grip Scale makes it ideal for use in both competitive fishing and recreational fishing. Knowing exactly how much each fish weighs has been very neat.

To use the scale, twist the handle in one way; to disable the scale and use the tool only as a gripper, turn it in the other direction. The plastic lanyard may be secured to a belt loop or boat gear and has a v-clip positioned at the gripper’s working end for convenience.

It also has a rubberized grip, so you won’t have to helplessly watch it sink to the bottom of the lake if you lose hold of it. As a result, I feel safer using it in the rain or wind.

The fish you release will have a far better chance of survival, and you won’t have to worry about being hurt while dealing with aggressive game fish.


There is one other Lip gripper that I would like to talk about but won’t find it reviewed here. This is because I had so much to say about it, that I felt it needed it’s own post.

If you would like to take a look at this great Lip Gripper, follow this link to Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper With Digital Scale (Reviewed)

A Few Other Things To Consider



Buying Guide

There are several varieties of fish lip grippers on the market. This is a compilation of the greatest fish lip grippers. However, understanding the top items is not enough to make your final decision.

Before making your final decision, you must examine many essential considerations. We will go through a few variables that will assist you in making your ultimate decision, and let’s look at them quickly.


The product’s material is critical in influencing the product’s lifetime and performance. However pricey the gripper may be, it would be foolish to buy it if it constructs of cheap plastic.

Stainless steel or aluminum is often used to make fish lip grippers. The material should withstand fresh and saltwater; otherwise, the gripper will rust away.


The gripper’s handle is essential to its overall performance. As a result of touching fish in water, your hands will get slippery. If the hold on the handle is insufficient, it will fall out of your hands.

The handles are often composed of high-quality rubber that gives a firm grip. Some grippers have a waist lanyard to guarantee that you don’t lose the gripper if it slips out of your hands.


Another significant thing to consider is functionality. You may choose anything from a simple gripper to one that comes with equipment for measuring your vast capture.

Sometimes little is more, and a basic gripper may suffice. Other times, carrying a multitool set makes more sense to reduce the number of things in your tackle box.

Another component of usability is how effectively you can manipulate the gripper. If a plier style has a grip that requires both hands, it is virtually unusable.


Purchasing a new fish lip gripper every few months is not economical. To guarantee that your gripper lasts a long time, make sure it is built of high-quality materials.


When making a purchase, the cost is always an important consideration. The fish lip grippers are available at a variety of pricing points, allowing them to be affordable to anyone.

We included grippers in various pricing ranges so that you can discover both low-cost and high-end options in our evaluation. Fish lip grippers, on the other hand, are typically relatively inexpensive. As a result, you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one.


When selecting a fish lip gripper, you should consider both your own and the fish’s safety. The gripper should have all the required elements to grab the fish and safely release it back into the water. The gripper must be able to manage aggressive fish without causing injury to you or the fish.

That’s A Wrap

You should now have a decent basis for selecting a lip gripper tool. Whether you want a luxury model with a built-in scale or the best value for money, the recommendations above should suffice.

The Rapala 9-inch gripper is, in our view, the best overall fish lip gripper. It is very cost-efficient while being practical and long-lasting. The KastKing lip gripper is the best option if you’re willing to spend a bit more money to get all the additional features. It’s time to free yourself of the stress of handling slippery fish with your bare hands.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the section below. As Always.

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