How To Choose The Best Beach Fishing Rod

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We love beach fishing. This is the first, or one of, times we have been fishing for most of us. It’s a great place to start for people that haven’t fished before. When looking at a Beach Fishing Rod, especially when you are just starting, can be very daunting.

Through this post, I will be talking about the Beach Fishing Rod, what you need for beach fishing, and a few tips on how to select the right rod for you. I will also be answering some of the most asked questions about beach fishing like:


So strap yourself in, and let’s get started.

Quick Rundown

A breaching fishing rod is genuinely much longer than a standard rod. Typically, they are between 7′ and 15′. Most beaching outfits are spin combos, except the alvie reels. These reels resemble a large fly rod reel than a beach fishing outfit.

These rods are mostly made with graphite or a graphite fiberglass mix. You want your rod to be of medium to medium-heavy construction to insure durability but not compromise casting distance. Having a fiberglass tiptop will insure great flick and cast as well as sensitivity.

For a few extra tips on surf fishing, from how to find, to what baits are best, check out ‘How To Fish In Surf And Catch More Fish’

Beach Fishing at Sunset - Queensland Australia

What is the best rod for beach fishing?


This will come down to preferences. Some people like a longer rod, some shorter. When considering what type of surf rod you want to purchase you need to take into account the length of the rod, the action of the rod, and the power of the rod.

I have two beach fishing rods. One 8′, and the other 10′. Getting the greatest distance isn’t always needed if you find the right spot. My favorite of the two would have to be the Daiwa BG 5000 Combo.

This is a 10′, Medium-Heavy, 2 Piece combo. For my money, this is the Best Rod For Beach Fishing. Ideal for any larger fish you may be targeting.

For something a little more all-rounder, I would recommend the Omega Breakaway. At 10 1/2′, it’s a great starter rod that has plenty of distance but is versatile to use even off the jetty or pier.

What size rod do I need for beach fishing?


When people tell you ‘size doesn’t matter, they are lying. While the biggest may not be the best, it still needs to be a good size. I have found that anything around the 10′ mark is a great starting point for those that haven’t done a lot of beach or surf fishing.

A minimum of 7’ foot is required if you don’t want to go so big. Of course, a lot of distance is lost by going for the shorter rods. Make sure to read up on the specs, as a longer rod doesn’t always mean a longer cast. The reel you pair it with can also have a big bearing on distance.

Can you surf fish with a 7-foot rod?


Of course, just don’t expect the same distance. By knowing the area you are fishing, you may find that the fish are hiding only just offshore. In some areas you might have a gutter, hole, or structure very close, so casting well past you mean less chance of a fish.

When fishing with a 7′ rod, the specs are very important. A medium rod, preferably made of graphite, is advised. These types of rods offer a longer casting distance, while still having the power to land large fish.

Surf Fishing

What do I need for beach fishing?


  • For starters, a good beach or surfcasting rod. I would recommend something around the 10′ mark if you are new to this type of fishing.
  • Second, a good quality beach fishing tackle box. You need something big enough to take everything, but not too cumbersome. I find a fishing tackle bag or backpack is great in these constancies. Check out some great choices of tackle boxes and bags here at ‘Tackle Box For Surf Fishing
  • Thirdly, the right rigs. With surf and beach fishing, you can’t use the same rigs as you might say out fishing in a boat or off a jetty/pier. I find a paternoster or running sinker rig works well when beach fishing. A float rig can also work well, just be prepared to cast a lot more as these tend to move around a lot.
  • For more on these rigs, check out The Best Fishing Rigs For Whatever Fish You Want.
  • Fourthly, the sinker you use (if you use one) will depend on the conditions. Always remember, Use The Smallest Sinker You Can Get Away With. Remembering this can mean the difference between catching fish and going home empty-handed.
  • Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is bait. Now, you can use any bait you like, but to increase your chance of getting a fish, you need to know which one. Knowing what species you are targeting, means you know what they are feeding on. Live bait, as always, is best. If caught from the same area, even better.

If, however, you are using dead bait, presentation is key. As well as this, knowing how to keep it on your hook long enough for fish to find it is also very important. For some tips on this, check out ‘How To Fish In Surf And Catch More Fish’

There are a lot of rods around that can offer great distance when casting. For my money, you can’t go past the Breakaway HDX 13′ Long Casting Surf Rod. This 13′ rod will get your bait/lure out well past the breakers, where the big fish lie in wait.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking this rod isn’t sensitive. Though it might be great for big fish, it’s also sensitive enough to feel the bites of even the smaller fish.

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To Wrap Things Up

Beach fishing is a great pastime, and one of my favorite types of fishing. Some great fish can be had, whether during the day or night when fishing on the beach or off rocks.

Be sure to check out my post How To Fish In Surf And Catch More Fish for some great tips for beach and surf fishing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, and that I may have answered some of the questions you might have. Of course, if you do have any other questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I love my fishing, and I also love to share my many years of knowledge and experience. As Always

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