Ice Fishing Augers Reviews (Best 8 )

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The first step in ice fishing is to drill a hole through the ice. There are many methods for doing this, ranging from old techniques such as hand drills or ice chipping to contemporary motorized Ice Fishing Augers. 

What you’re fishing for, what you’re capable of, and what you want to accomplish typically decide your best possibilities. A decent ice auger will go through ice rapidly and decrease the strain you put on your body when cutting.

If you want to drill inside a shelter, you don’t want your auger emitting fumes. Above all, you need reliable, sharp, and long-lasting blades.

Choosing which ice fishing auger is best for you might be challenging. To assist you choose a long-lasting purchase, I’ve researched and identified eight of the best available Ice Fishing Augers.

Ice Fishing Augers

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Why Is An Ice Auger So Important?

So it all begins when you go fishing in the same area you’ve gone to all summer. Suddenly, when the weather changes, you come to the same lovely spot to discover that all the water has frozen, and you are now in a panic.

But hang on! There is no reason to worry, I’ve got you covered. This is when ice fishing augers come in handy. These are designed to drill holes in the ice so that you may continue ice fishing in your favorite area.

Many other types of fishing equipment are available on the market, including hand-held ice fishing augers, electric augers, and gas augers, which are popular these days. Finding the best ice fishing auger for your needs from all of these options is a complex process in and of itself.

Still, reading the full article gives you a good idea of what you should choose based on your individual needs. This thorough article will discuss the eight best ice fishing augers for simple hole drilling that will make your job easier. Here’s the list to help you out:



  1.  Eskimo 6-Inch Hand Auger
  2. Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger 8-inch
  3. VEVOR Ice Drill Auger
  4. ION Straight Through Auger
  5. StrikeMaster Mora 2pc Hand Auger 7″
  6. StrikeMaster Lithium Ice Auger
  7.  Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Fishing Auger 6-inch
  8.  Jiffy XT Propane Auger



1. Eskimo 6-Inch Hand Auger: Budget-Friendly Ice Augers For This Season:




Eskimo 6-Inch Hand Auger

For further information, visit this link:

Eskimo 6-Inch Hand Auger



Razor-sharp blades

Simple and fundamental

Simple to use


Basic equipment for beginners

Eskimo 6-inch hand augers are among the best hand-held and portable augers. My favorite feature of these lovely hand-held drills is that they are not bulky in the pocket, effective at their job, and can readily break through the ice.

They feature a simple and clean design that makes them simple to operate. They weigh just 7 pounds, making them very portable and transportable.

Ideal for regions where the ice is thin and long-distance travel is necessary, and its blades are both sharp and long-lasting. The only thing to remember is that they may cause minimal slippage on thicker ice beds.

So, here is another straightforward, portable, low-budget, lightweight device that is ready to cut through any ice thickness. It is also available in 7 and 8-inch sizes. It is lightweight at about 6 pounds, has a sturdy grip, and the straight blades will last you a long time.

Blades are readily replaceable and may be changed or re-sharpened as needed. It may be adjusted in length from 49 to 58 inches.


Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger 8-inch:


Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger 8-inch:

For further information, visit this link:

Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger 8-inch




Laser cutting blades

Construction using synthetic materials

8-inch manual auger

Adaptable to any circumstance

No batteries required

Lightweight and portable

Ideal for heavier ice beds

They feature durable synthetic metal blades and can work up to ice with little blade maintenance. Most surfaces are readily sliced through with these blades, which works effectively on thicker ice surfaces.

Ergonomically, the grips are made to feel good in the hands, which are more pleasant to handle because of the extra rubber grips.

Another feature I like about them is the powder coating on the paint, which prevents ice buildup. You may dig deeper with them since they can change to a length of 48-57 inches.


VEVOR Ice Drill Auger:



VEVOR Ice Drill Auger:

For further information, visit this link:

VEVOR Ice Drill Auger



Sturdy and sharp blades

Made of Nylon Fabric

High-Efficiency Drilling

Adapter and Extension Rod

Includes Professional Accessories

The effective length of the ice drill auger is 41 inches, the spinning diameter is 8 inches, and the weight is 11.13 lbs/5.05 kg. It is an excellent option for ice fishing, scientific discovery, and other activities.

The auger bit is made of nylon, while the main shaft is made of aluminum, making it lightweight, sturdy, and rust-proof. Meanwhile, it has high tensile strength, impact resistance, and flexibility, which saves you work and time.

The blades are composed of quality steel, are sharp and durable, and cut through ice like butter. Additionally, two spare blades are supplied for replacement. Finally, the blades have a blade guard to protect them, and you from harm.

If you wish to lengthen this ice fishing auger, remove the adaptor and top plate from the shaft, connect the extension rod to the shaft, and secure it with a specific bolt.

The ice fishing auger bit includes an adapter and a top plate. The adapter enables you to connect the auger to different types of drills, and its top plate may protect you from the sting of falling ice.

Unlike other ice augers, this ice drill incorporates a rubber grip and a drill fixator for more comfortable usage and operating stability. Two spare blades, an ice ladle, a tiny wrench, and a set of screws are also supplied.

ION Straight Through Auger:



ION Straight Through Auger:

For further information, visit this link:

ION Straight Through Auger



Cutting head made of high-strength composite material

Comes with blades and blade protection

Simple to grasp


A 40V battery powers this 8-inch drill from ION. The machine can drill up to forty holes through two feet of ice on a single charge—the battery functions without making much noise.

It does not need any petrol or the upkeep of a sophisticated engine. A 12-inch extension may be attached to the auger’s end to reach 46 inches deep.

Because it has a reverse control option, you won’t need an ice skimmer. The auger cleans the hole, ensuring a precise cut.

The ION Straight through ice auger weighs just 22 pounds and has broad handlebars for a secure grip. The trigger button is big and simple, making this the best ice fishing auger money can buy.

StrikeMaster Mora 2pc Hand Auger 7″:



StrikeMaster Mora 2pc Hand Auger 7":

For further information, visit this link:

StrikeMaster Mora 2pc Hand Auger 7:



Disassembles into two pieces for transportation and storage

Handle Adjustment

Powder Coated Paint to Prevent Ice Buildup

Drill Size 7-Inch

Multicolor options are available

This model from StrikeMaster Mora is the final option to consider when looking for the best ice-fishing auger. It comes in five and seven-inch sizes.

It provides a strong grasp that does not get slack with repeated usage with a weight of just six pounds. Its straight blades have a long lifespan.

As required, the blades may be removed and replaced. The blades may be sharpened as necessary, and sharpening them is a simple operation that requires just a file.

StrikeMaster Lithium Ice Auger:



StrikeMaster Lithium Ice Auger:

For further information, visit this link:

StrikeMaster Lithium Ice Auger



Easy-to-use brushless motor.

Impact-resistant ergonomic grips.

Long-lasting batteries with high power.

Planetary gear system that is reliable

The StrikeMaster Lithium 40v 8′′ Ice Auger offers you as much comfort as possible when drilling a hole in the ice. As a result, the equipment outfits with all the elements necessary to make ice drilling as simple as possible.

For example, the auger has a brushless motor that helps smooth the drilling operation. Its ergonomic design keeps it from being too stressful to use. Furthermore, the StrikeMaster has a planetary gear system for improved speed and longevity.

Surprisingly, the battery is a 40-volt, five-amp hour lithium ION that provides peak performance for a more extended time.

The blades are made from premium stainless steel, enabling effortless ice-cutting performance. Additionally, the auger has forward and reverse control runs to enhance the drilling experience and effectively remove slush from the hole.

Meanwhile, the impact-resistant handles make using this machine a breeze, and the presence of a conveniently situated deadman switch further adds to the machine’s simplicity of use.

Furthermore, the two-amp quick charge battery charging station charges the auger in two hours, which isn’t long given how effectively it operates. Finally, the auger comes with a two-year limited guarantee that covers difficulties with the motor, battery, and charger.

StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Ice Fishing Auger 6-inch:


StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Ice Fishing Auger 6-inch

For further information, visit this link:

StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Ice Fishing Auger 6-inch:



A powder coat prevents ice formation.

Ergonomic handle system for a secure grip.

Blades are made of chrome-alloy stainless steel.

You may adjust the length from 48 to 57 inches.

The Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger comes up to the promise of its name by providing an outstanding and dependable manual ice drilling option.

At the same time, the other two terms, Strike and Master may create pictures of battles, adventure, and generally great things. It’s swift and strong even without a motor, and it can cut through the ice in less than a minute.

The powder-coated coating on the blades makes it easier for the ice to slide off, and the ergonomic soft grip handle makes it easy to hold onto even during intense use. The chrome-alloy stainless steel blades cut through ice with astonishing ease, and it avoids clogs and refreezing of ice as you dig deeper. 

The adjustable length helps you tackle various ice thicknesses, and the sturdy build gives you confidence that it can handle everything you throw.

It comes with a plastic cover that preserves the blade between trips, keeping it as sharp as it needs for consistent performance throughout the winter. Wear a decent ice fishing bib to protect yourself when fishing.

:Jiffy XT Propane Auger


Jiffy XT Propane Auger:

For further information, visit this link:

Jiffy XT Propane Auger:



Clean, smoke-free operation.

The powerful 4-stroke motor is silent.

No priming, flooding, or choking is necessary.

2-year-warranty ripper blade

The Jiffy XT Propane Auger, our top pick for the best ice fishing augers, is a high-quality, heavy-duty, and immensely sturdy solution for individuals who spend more time on the ice than in their own houses. The motor is dependable, using E-Z start technology to start in cold weather without choking, flooding, or even priming, as other motors may need.

The 4-stroke motor is silent while in use so as not to disrupt the area’s calm but strong enough to cut through the thick, stubborn ice in a matter of seconds. Because of the propane power, you won’t have fuel odor all over your hands.

It operates without generating harmful smoke, which is healthy for you and your surroundings while also making it excellent for inside usage during a snowfall.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Your ICE Augers:




Of course, no one wants to buy a portable, uncomfortable drill that hurts their hand while using it. The good news is that cordless augers with cushioned handles are now widely available.

Choose an auger with a well-padded handle to make drilling more comfortable and offer a firm grip for boring holes in the ice.



For lightweight, always choose a cordless auger since they are much lighter than manual drills and power augers. Furthermore, it reduces your weight while traveling long distances with your auger in hand since they are considerably more lightweight and easier to carry without wearing you out.



When choosing a cordless auger, portability comes first since the primary objective is to make the trip more pleasant by making it easier to carry while traveling.

Remember that you may be tempted to choose a smaller auger since it is simpler to carry and maintain but has less power. So, please don’t skimp on electricity since it’s critical while drilling holes, so choose a portable one but never skimp on power. Look for anything in the middle.

Auger’s Punching Ability:


Auger’s punching power makes a significant difference. The quicker the timing, the more punches per minute are available.

However, if your auger lacks punching power, you will quickly weary from putting additional pressure on your end. You’ll need an auger with quick punching timings to speed up your job.

Auger’s Battery Standing Power And Backup:


Your augers are useless if the Battery does not have a solid backup. So always opt for a long-lasting one. The strong batteries will again substantially affect your entire drilling experience. You would never be able to bore a hole in the ice if the batteries were insufficiently robust.

Similarly, while drilling several holes, the Battery should also have a solid backup. Otherwise, you’ll waste your day if the Battery dies after just drilling one hole. especially if that hole wasn’t in the best place to fish.

To Wrap Up


Almost all ice anglers know the fundamental principles and considerations when purchasing a new auger for drilling holes.

These recommendations should be lightweight, have a sufficient battery backup, and be capable of precision cutting. There are many more things to consider, mainly if you are a newbie and have to be extra careful.

Ice fishing can involve many hours of waiting in the cold for that fish to come along, that’s why you need a good Bite Indicator. Follow this link to see the best available at Fishing Bite Indicators (The Best 6 You Will Find) 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comment section below and I will Get back to you as soon as possible. As Always

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