Best Ice Fishing Sled (Ultimate Guide)

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Hauling extensive equipment across extended stretches of ice and snow is hardly anyone’s notion of fun. If you want to take your ice fishing setup out onto the ice, an ice fishing sled is a must.

An excellent ice fishing sled can significantly simplify your life. Instead of cramming everything into a backpack or suitcase, throw your belongings onto a lightweight polyethylene sled with molded
runners to make long-distance pulling a snap.

An electric or gas auger, bait buckets, rods and reels, a heater, multiple tip-ups, and a temporary shelter may all be carried on a decent sled. Try carrying it all on your back!

An ice fishing sled is a fundamental purchase for every fisherman, whether you pull it by hand or tow it behind a quad/snowmobile.

I’ve broken this post up into two sections. The first will answer your questions and offer a few tips when choosing your next sled. The second is my product review on 5 of the best ones I have come across.


Choosing the Right Ice Fishing Sled — Joel Nelson Outdoors


Tips and Questions Answered

How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Sled?

  • Carrying Capacity
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Durability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What Size Is Best For The Ice Fishing Sled?
  • How Quickly Can You Pull An Ice Fishing Sled?
  • How Does One Attach A Seat To An Ice Fishing Sled?

Product Reviews


  1. Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled
  2. Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled
  3. Otter Pro Sled
  4. Beavertail Sport Sled
  5. Pelican Trek 45 Sled


How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Sled?


Choosing the right ice fishing sled may need some research. Don’t worry; your sled selection is temporary! If you choose one that does not exactly meet your requirements, you may always improve later.

No one enjoys spending money twice. So we’ll assist you in figuring out what you need in a sled so you can make the best decision. Consider these guidelines while you shop for an ice fishing sled.

Carrying Capacity

A kid’s snow sled can do for certain sportsmen as an ice fishing sled. If you go fishing occasionally, you may get away with that or other home objects “upcycled” into a sled.

Additional gear, or an intention to camp out on the ice, need a sled with a little more carrying capacity unless you intend on hauling your truck.

Take note of the measurements of each product while you look for sleds. Hand-tow sleds are often (but not necessarily) smaller and lighter than machine-tow sleds. They will, however, have enough room for you to bring your buckets, bait, and catch back to camp.

Machine-tow sleds often allow for a bit more equipment. These are the best options if you bring an ice fishing tent, supplies like food and water, and perhaps a generator.

When deciding on the carrying capacity of your sled, consider both what you’ll be carrying and how you’ll carry it. Fortunately, the product descriptions provide a wealth of information as you buy. Also, read the reviews! What have others done with the sleds, and how has it worked for them?


There will be a few differences in the shape of your ice fishing sled. Most are extended and intended to glide quickly across snow and ice with little effort on your part. However, before you select the perfect
form, you’ll need to consider how you’ll pull your sled.

A narrower sled in the front than the rear may be more manageable if you want to pull it with your hands. It will assist you in navigating deeper snow spots. A more squared design might provide additional stability when towing behind a vehicle.


Just as the design of your sled is unlikely to change much, neither will the material it’s built of. Most ice fishing sleds are sturdy, consisting of thick polyethylene designed to survive the elements.

You could come upon a metal sled or two while shopping. These can be just as robust as polyethylene, but we wouldn’t suggest them. They are prone to corrosion and oxidation after years of usage. In addition, they are less prone to float in an emergency than a ply sled.


See the source image


Bring anything ice fishing to transport your gear. People have used children’s sleds, trash can lids, and even concrete mixing tubs in a pinch.

However, acquiring something more robust is a good idea if you are not in a hurry. The terrain your sled will traverse differs from the fluffy snow your children enjoy, and you’ll most likely face tough ice and rocks on your route from camp to your hole.

The sturdy polyethylene sleds We suggested are made to accomplish the job. They will survive for years if properly maintained, and the best ice fishing sleds are suitable for machine-tow and hand-tow anglers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Size Is Best For The Ice Fishing Sled?

The size of the sled you pick is entirely up to you, but remember what you want to use it for. If you spend the weekend camping on the ice, you’ll need a bigger sled than you would for a day trip.

A sled approximately two feet broad and five feet long is usually sufficient to transport the essentials. Get a bigger sled if you’re transporting more items.


How Quickly Can You Pull An Ice Fishing Sled?

Stability should precedence over speed when dragging your sled behind your vehicle or snow machine. Instead of a rope, look for a sled connected with a tow bar.

If you are physically dragging your sled, you may increase your speed by opting for a sled with stronger runners on the bottom. You’ll be able to cut through the snow and get speed on the ice more readily than with a flat-bottomed sled.


How Does One Attach A Seat To An Ice Fishing Sled?

Depending on why you’d want to. Please do not attempt to use your sled as a flotation device or a boat.

You can easily “rig” your sled to accommodate a seat if you only want a place to sit while fishing. Before this modification, ensure your sled is strong enough to withstand it, and your seat will
come with instructions.

Make sure that adding a seat to your sled does not violate any warranty that may have been included with your ice fishing sled.



Product Reviews


Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled


This Shappell ice fishing sled is manufactured with the same high quality as the previous one, if not higher. Because this is a heavy-duty sled, the material has been strengthened and thickened for increased durability and lifetime. It has the same straightforward design as other ice fishing sleds and will do all you need it to and more.

Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled




  •  This ice sled is famous because it can haul anything across any terrain.
  •  A thick, deep sled with high walls can haul heavy loads.
  •  The construction is excellent and seems to be long-lasting.
  • ‎ 54 x 26 x 11 inches of item dimensions.


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It is a leading competitor in the terrain sport sled category. This sled has been made heavier and stronger, with an increased height to make it even more competent in whatever scenario the winter weather may throw at you.

The taller sled walls provide better cargo space, better gear protection, and increased passenger safety when towing.

This sled will appeal to deer and waterfowl hunters, farmers, and others, in addition to ice fishermen. It is a utility sled that can do everything, from carrying your ice shanty and other fishing equipment
to completely packing it with decoys, firewood, feed, and other items. It’s strong and competent, plus it floats!

No matter how much gear you have, the sled’s curved runners will cut through the snow and track confidently on the ice and slush. It is one to think about before your next ice fishing expedition!


 Rating 9/10





Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled


Shappell’s Jet Sled, made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), is a strong and durable transport option that can easily handle a range of gear and equipment.


Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled




  • Sturdy design.
  •  Excellent over the ice.
  •  Protective high sides
  •  Very well recognized.
  •  100% cotton jersey


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The durable polyethylene structure can take a hammering and is suitable for ice fishing, moving a deer corpse, lugging firewood – you name it. The molded runners give strength and stability while sliding on thDespitellowing you to build up some speed.

DDespite its high-duty design, it never feels heavy, which adds to its speed and maneuverability.

The hull has been precisely curved to allow for simple towing by hand, and a strong tow rope is supplied to get you moving across terrain, snow, or ice. It’s also designed to be towed by an ATV or comparable vehicle, so you’ll have no trouble attaching it to your ride.

It is the camo version of the sled (a UV-resistant, ultra-realistic winter design). Still, it’s also accessible in plain black, which is generally cheaper if you want to save a few dollars.


Rating 8/10





Otter Pro Sled


Snowmobiles are essential while searching for trophy fish through the ice. Matching your snow machine with a sled capable of handling speed and distance is critical for securely transporting your equipment on the ice.


Otter Pro Sled




  • Extra thick foundation for long-term toughness
  •  A tough outer lip for a strong tie-down
  •  Dual hitch pockets allow for worry-free towing.
  •  Exceptional design for hauling in heavy snow.
  •  Rails that have been reinforced for extra rigidity
  •  Large sizes are ideal for long journeys or ice camping.


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For snowmobile towing, we only use Otter Pro Sleds. Anglers can be confident that their pricey ice fishing gear will arrive in one piece because of the extra thick 5/16″ bottom and the extraordinarily
robust roto-molded polyethylene structure.

Hitch pockets are pre-molded to accept Otter tow bars. Furthermore, the strengthened outer lip adds strength for strapping your stuff in place with bungees or rope. Consider obtaining an Otter Pro and
discovering new fishing locations for smooth towing behind a snowmobile.


Rating 9/10




Beavertail Sport Sled


The Beavertail Sport Sled is the peak of versatility. After all, outdoor fun does not cease when the ice fishing season ends. Instead of storing your sled for nine months out of the year, utilize it all


Beavertail Sport Sled




  • One of the lightest ice fishing sleds on the market.
  •  Rigid enough to withstand the rigors of ice fishing
  •  Marsh brown hue for autumn hunting
  •  The tow rope is included.
  •  Smooth pulling and a variety of sizes are offered.


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Whether you like duck hunting in the autumn, housework in the spring, or camping all summer, the Beavertail Sport is a welcome friend. A Beavertail sled is up for any adventure or duty because it must meet the same tough specifications as conventional roto-molded polyethylene sleds.

Beavertail Sport sleds are designed to be hand pulled and strike the right combination between durability and mobility. Wide tracks and an aggressive leading edge smash through snow and other obstacles.

The Beavertail Sport Sled is a great option when you need something more versatile than an ice fishing sled.


Rating 8.5/10




Pelican Trek 45 Sled


The Pelican Trek Sled is the ideal multipurpose utility sled for ice fishing, hunting, and hauling heavy equipment across snow and ice. Trek 45 and Trek 60 are the two sizes available. The Trek 45 has a
maximum capacity of 130lb and a total volume of 71L.


Pelican Trek Utility Sled




  • Utility with several functions
  •  Extremely high load capacity
  •  Extremely long-lasting
  •  Heavy-duty design


Click Here For More Information And The Latest Price


It can transport a large amount of stuff to your hunting or fishing location. The maximum load for the Pelican Trek 60 Ice Sled is 260 pounds, and its total volume is 152 liters.

Pelican’s ice fishing sled is made of high-density polyethylene components that are both durable and lightweight. When you need to travel off-trail, it has built-in indentations that enable you to pull your sled by hand.

They also include a valuable indication for your runners, which changes color when they need to be replaced.

This ice-fishing sled is ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, and transporting big equipment across tough terrain.


Rating 8/10



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Sleds are a multipurpose item that may endure for many years. Take note of its capacity and if it conforms to your list of required items. It is critical to choose not only huge but also robust sleds. Some versions are available in other colors if camo isn’t your thing.

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