Seaguar, The Best Fluorocarbon Leader Line There Is

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A good quality fluorocarbon leader line can mean the difference between catching that fish of a lifetime, and losing it on the reef, rocks, or getting bitten off.

Seaguar has been making Fluorocarbon for years (in fact they invented it) Some species of fish have very sharp gill plates that can cut through the mono linemonoline faster than you can blink. If you’re serious about fishing, then you need to use a leader, but which one?

That question can be hard to answer as you have so many choices, sizes, thicknesses, colors, and qualities. Ask any serious fisher and they will probably all tell you the same, they use Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader.

They will also probably tell you they have quite a few different leader lines for different circumstances, fish they are targeting and the area they plan on fishing. So what is the best fluorocarbon carbon leader to use? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what you are chasing.

Why Fluorocarbon?

Fluorocarbon is by no means new to the market it has been around for many years. As with most things in fishing the quality has improved to the point that if you’re not using it, you are at a disadvantage to someone that is. Starting in saltwater, with advancements they are now been used more and more in freshwater situations.

Typically, used for leader lines for shy fish, you can now find them used in main lines (we will get to them in another post) You can spend hours going through all the choices you have, luckily I have done the hard work for you and have come up with the best on the market at the moment.

Seaguar is a leader (pardon the pun) in fluorocarbon manufacturing. Developed with an exclusive, proprietary Double Structure Technology, These leaders are one of the best on the market. Fluorocarbon leaders’ advanced strength allows the use of smaller pound tests vs other fluorocarbons for more effective presentation. Incredible impact strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance.

As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, these leaders are much less visible underwater than monofilament lines and virtually invisible to fish.

Gold Label

The gold label is 18% thinner than another leader line currently being made. The claim is that just because it’s thinner doesn’t mean it loses any of its strength. Combining two of Seaguar’s fluorocarbon resins they have been able to create a leader that is not only thinner but able to maintain its strength and flexibility. Not only is it thinner, which makes it even harder for the fish to see, it’s also softer. With this extra flexibility with some stretch to cushion the blow when the fish runs suddenly.

Features Gold Label

  • 100% Fluorocarbon Leader
  • DSF – Double Structure Fluoro
  • Level Wind Technology
  • Available in 6 lb to 50 lb
  • $12.59 – $44.52

Pound to Diameter

Lb Test Diameter

  • 15 .285 mm .011in
  • 20 .350 mm .014 in
  • 25 .385 mm .015 in
  • 30 .435 mm .017 in
  • 40 .522 mm .020 in


On paper, the gold label looks to be the best here, but unfortunately, it’s not. The thinner diameter is great, but I found it just didn’t live up to expectations when hooking onto fish that hit hard. In the end, I resorted back to line thickness more than the pound test when targeting such fish. Still, a great leader, but the pound to diameter test seems off, or the impact strength isn’t what they claim.


  • 18% thinner
  • Available in 6 lb to 50 lb
  • +17% Better knot/tensile strength
  • Extremely soft and supple
  • Lower line memory that other leader lines
  • Relatively cheap
  • For fresh and saltwater


  • Only for small to medium fish
  • Not the best impact strength
  • Only comes in 25 yard25-yard spools

Rating – 7/10


If you’re chasing big fish, then this is the leader you want. It has a much better impact strength than the gold label. This 100% fluorocarbon leader is designed for chasing big fish. Though not as thin as the gold label, it’s still thinner than most leaders on the market. It still has great knot strength and is very abrasion-resistant for its size.


  • 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Premier
  • DSF – Double Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Best Knot Strength
  • Incredible Abrasion Resistance
  • Best Impact Strength
  • Available in 12 – 200lb
  • $10.49 – $128.53

Pound to Diameter

LB Test Diameter


  • 12 .235mm .009in
  • 15 .285mm .011in
  • 30 .370mm .015in
  • 25 .405mm .016in
  • 30 .480mm .018in
  • 40 .570mm .022in

You have a lot of choice with the Premier, from 12 to 200lb, meaning you will always have the right size for wherever and for whatever you are fishing for. My choice for Tuna and those big pelagic fish. Maybe not the best for smaller fish or freshwater.


  • Thinner diameter than other leaders
  • Better Impact strength than the gold label
  • Better abrasive resistance than the gold label
  • Available in 12 – 200lb
  • Low line memory
  • Strong knot strength
  • Available in 25 and 50-yard spools


  • Not suitable for smaller fish and smaller main lines
  • A bit more expensive than others

Rating 8/10

Blue label

The Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Line allows anglers to drop to a smaller test for increased stealth and sinks faster than other lines due to its higher specific gravity. Favored by a lot of tournaments anglers for its advanced materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the blue label gives a distinct advantage over other anglers.

It still offers the same smaller diameter than other leaders around, as well as superior knot strength, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance like the others on this list. It does have less stretch than the others, so I recommend you use a softer tip rod.

Features Blue Label

  • 100% Double-Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Level Wind Technology
  • 34% better knot strength
  • Spool Lengths: 25, 50 & 100 Yards
  • Available in 2 – 80 lb
  • $8.49 – $88.57

Pounds to Diameter

LB Test Diameter

  • 12 .285mm .011in
  • 15 .330mm .013in
  • 20 .405mm .016in
  • 25 .435mm .017in
  • 30 .520mm .020in
  • 40 .620mm .024in
  • 50 .660mm .028in

Ideal leader for fishing anything from 2 to 80 lbs, fresh or saltwater. The Blue label is my go-to for most fish I’m targeting. The all-around nature of this leader, combined with its great knot strength makes it my number one choice for leader whether I’m chasing big or small fish, hard hitters, or suckers.


  • Thinner diameter than other leaders
  • 34% better knot strength
  • Available in 25, 50, and 100-yard spools
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Incredible Impact strength
  • Great value for money
  • Good round leader for small to big fish
  • Fresh and Saltwater fishing
  • Sinks faster


  • Line must be wet to tie a strong knot

Rating 9/10

STS Trout/Steelhead

Seaguar’s first and only leader designed to target certain species, the STS Trout/Steelhead is as tough as they come. Tough fish. Rocks and wicked structure. No problem. With maximum impact and knot strength combined with a fast sinking line, you can get to the “strike zone” quicker which gives you more chance to catch fish.


  • 100% Double-Structure Fluorocarbon STS
  • Level Wind Technology
  • Available in 100-yard spools
  • Designed especially for Trout, Steelhead, and Salmon
  • Designed for freshwater
  • $9.47 – $18.42

Pounds to Diameter

LB Test Diameter

  • 4 .165mm .006in
  • 6 .185mm .007in
  • 8 .235mm .009in
  • 10 .260mm .010in
  • 12 .310mm .012in
  • 15 .330mm .013in
  • 17 .370mm .015in

The biggest problem with fishing those rivers is fighting the fish over rocks, fallen logs and god knows what else, as you try to get it back to shore. In these conditions, a normal leader line just isn’t up to the challenge and you will end up losing more than you land. You need something tough with incredible abrasive resistance, and that is what Seaguar has tried to put together here.

The thing is, I’m not so sure that this line is any more abrasive resistant than any of their other lines (still very good though) It is pretty stiff however and the knots are a lot better than the blue. It’s also 1/4 the price.


  • Designed specifically for Trout/Steelhead and Salmon
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Incredible Impact strength
  • Cheaper than most others of the same LB test
  • Thinner than most other leaders
  • Stiffer and better knot strength


  • Only comes in 100-yard spools
  • Only for freshwater
  • No more abrasive than Seaguar’s other leaders ( still very good)

Rating 7/10

Leaders in Leaders

Well, there you have it, the best leaders Seaguar has to offer. And I don’t mind saying, some of the best on the market at the moment. My pick and the one I use most is the Blue Label. It has handled everything thrown at it and asks for more. Great for just about any fishing you are doing, from big to small fish.

I haven’t done a great deal of Tuna fishing (just started getting into it) but my go-to here was the Premier. It loves the big stuff and hasn’t let me down yet. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, maybe learned a few things and now have a better idea of what you might be looking for. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. As always

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