The Best Squid Jigs That Catch More

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Heading out to catch a feed of squid (or calamari) is a great pastime. It’s something that can be done, no matter how old you are, or you’re fishing level. From novice to pro, anyone can catch one. Best of all, you only need Fishing line and some Squid Jigs.


Squid Jig


If there is a squid around, all you need to do is put a jig in front of them, and it will probably grab it. You don’t necessarily need the best jigs, but it does help.

Having said that, an extra few tips never went astray. Check out one of my other posts at ‘How To Target And Catch More Squid for a few tips, tricks, and techniques on how to catch these slippery cephalopods.

One of my first memories as a child (about 5 or 6) was going out in my grandfather’s boat. We didn’t have to go far (a couple of hundred meters) or use special techniques. We just let the boat drift with our jigs in the water, and they would catch themselves. Many (many) years later I still love catching them as much as I did back then.

Over the years, the advancement in the jig (like any lure) has come a long way. And just as well, as finding them has become harder. My go-to as a kid was the Jarvis Walker Razor Back. They were cheap, but with the extra spikes on the back, the chance of losing your squid was a lot smaller. These days, I’m a little more upmarket.




  1. YAMASHITA Egi King K Squid Lure
  2. EVERGREEN Egi Bancho
  3. Harimiysu Sumizoku Zero-One
  4. Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Series EGI Auri-Q RS
  5. Rui Squid Jigs


YAMASHITA Egi King K Squid Lure


The Yamashita is at the top of the list for one simple reason. It is the best squid jig I have ever used. This jig packs some features that you didn’t even realize you needed in a Squid Jig like;


This jig packs some features that you didn’t even realize you needed in a Squid Jig like;



  • Thermo-storage Cloth
  • Small Nose Shape
  • Large Flat Eyes
  • Glow edge eyes
  • Super Fine Spikes
  • Hyper Direct SUS eyelet
  • Knife Edged Sinker
  • Longer Casting Distance
  • Four Different Colors


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It has been identified that squid recognizes temperature variations in the water. With the Egi King K Squid Lure unique thermo-storage cloth called the ‘warm jacket’, it’s able to absorb light and turn it into heat. The cloth reacts to light (any form of light, sunlight, or artificial) and will maintain its temperature for longer than traditional cloths.

With the capacity to hold heat similar to natural fish, the Yamashita Egi King K Squid Lure is more successful in attracting squid interest since it can recognize temperature variations when hunting. It can absorb light from the sun or artificial light, changing it into thermo energy about 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius warmer in the water, depending on the conditions.

Other great features of the Yamashita Egi King K Squid Lures are that it has the thinnest nose of any jig available but does not compromise its strength. This gives it the advantage of minimizing water resistance when hopped which gives the jig more action for less effort. The LIVE jerks a lot sharper when you lift the rod, generating a much better ‘walk the dog’ action.

Other features of Egi King K Squid Lure include large, flat eyes with a glow edge, super fine spikes, a Hyper Direct SUS eyelet to maintain jig strength, a knife-edged sinker to reduce resistance in the water, and a striking body to make it easy to retrieve the jig. It also has a much longer casting distance than many other jigs.

Rated 9/10






This is a jig that I haven’t used, and I can’t say that about many. The main reason I guess is the price tag. Having said that, the EverGreen Egi Bancho squid jig is one of the best squid jigs available on the market today.





  • Slim Design For Easy Cast
  • Thin nose
  • Slow Sinking
  • Stable Position
  • Plate Sinker
  • Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Great Performance
  • Wide Range of Colors


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Coming from Japan, you realize this jig is going to be good. This one hales from one of Japan’s biggest fishing tackle companies. Its beautiful colors and designs are finished with stainless steel barbs that truly complete a quality squid fishing jig.

Evergreen Egi Bancho slow sink was produced to hunt shallow ranges such as shoaling reefs or seaweed beds. Designed to seduce squid in the shallow range this lure is great for rock fishing, or anywhere shadow depth is a problem.

Thanks to its stable posture, it jumps further. Moreover, because it has one of the thinnest noses of any lure on the market, it moves well with only light force. A great lure for even beginners and inexperienced.

This lure can produce a sharp & dart action. The inserted plate sinker informs you when hitting the bottom, meaning you can stay deeper for longer. This remarkable action results in catching big prey near the bottom.


Rated 8.5/10



Harimiysu Sumizoku Zero-One


The Harimitsu Sumizoku Zero-One is another product out of Japan (it seems all the best are) and it’s another of the top performers, coming with a few extra features that the others don’t.


Harimiysu Sumizoku Zero-One



  • Slow Sinking model, perfect for shallow area
  • Small Hexagon Weight reduces snagging
  • Moving the weight ball enables long casting
  • Rattle sound attracts squids
  • Shaped for Quick Response
  • Extra Sharp Stainless Steel Hook


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Harimitsu’s Sumizoku Zero-One Shallow Type is the shallow version of the series. Its shape imitates a shrimp, with a small external lead that limits its weight, making it lighter and more realistic in terms of movement. This model also comes with a built-in rattle (a moving ball) that helps to attract squid.

Being a slow-sinking model, it’s perfect for shallow areas such as when fishing off rocks, or on shallow reefs. The moving weight ball enables long casting, even for inexperienced anglers. This means your lure can get to a place others can’t, increasing your chance of a catch.

The internal spheres attract a lot of nearby cephalopods, not just the ones that are in the immediate vicinity. Just another great feature that will help you catch more squid. Like all Harimitsu squid jigs, the Sumizoku Zero-One is of the highest Japanese qualities, making it one of the best Egis on the market!

Rating 8.5/10




Those three lures are the best on the market at the moment, and as such, come with a big price tag. But if you want the best, there it is. They will take your next squid trip to a new level.

However, not all of us can afford, or want such lures. Therefore, I have included some other top-performing lures, with a much more reasonable price tag.

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Series EGI Auri-Q RS

Yo-Zuri is a well-respected color producer of quality lures at a reasonable price, and that’s no exception with the Yo-Zuri EGI Auri-Q RS.


Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Series EGI Auri-Q RS



  • Rolling Shaft tow point
  • Yo-Zuri Original Trick Hook
  • RS Sinker Design
  • Glow Eyes
  • Glow & UV Glow (color pending)
  • Small Design


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With its durable body and a super strong set of hooks, the Yo-Zuri aurie-q RS squid Jig is perfect for the times when squid isn’t eating the larger prey. Each line ties into the other making for seamless color. Red feather pectoral fins and glow-in-the-dark technology also help in hooking that more timid squid.

Aurie-Q RS is suitable for both boat and shore fishing. The real fish colors reproduce baitfish which Squid predominantly feeds on, and the UV glow body is a must for squid fishing.

Yo-Zuri Aurie-Q RS incorporates a rolling shaft (RS) within the nose of the jig, replacing a conventional tow point. It is a unique style of swivel that eliminates line twists by spinning with the squid whilst hooked up.

An additional benefit to the RS design is a twitchy, vibrating action on the drop. Moreover, with a 45-degree sinking angle, you will avoid more snags and weeds. Subtle differences like these can be the difference on a slow day’s fishing.

Featuring the Yo-Zuri Original Trick Hook which is one of the sharpest and strongest barbs on the market, you can be sure to hook up on even the most finesse of bites!

Rating 8/10




Rui Squid Jigs


To round off this list, we have the Rui Squid Jig. And for something a bit different, this one is made in Taiwan, but made for Australian conditions (doesn’t mean it won’t work everywhere else)




  • Different reflective foils and full glow bodies
  • Lookalike fish skin cloth
  • Flexible Japanese low-carbon steel hooks
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Inexpensive
  • Many colors to choose from


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The Rui Squid Jig 3.5g is a great bit of kit to perfect your squid fishing technique. This jig has Japanese low-carbon steel hooks with a bit of flexibility to help you reel in your catch without it getting away. This jig is available in a range of colors colors colors and finishes, with full glow bodies and different reflective foils to keep fussy squid interested.

Best price/performance jig on the market. It won’t break easily like cheap sub ones. If you lose it, you feel less pain compared with losing 20-30$ Japanese brand jig. However, the proven catching rate is as good as Yamashita or probably even better in Australia, because most of the colors are designed for Australian conditions.

You will be impressed with the foils, color range, and glows. With many designs customized to local fishing conditions. Some of the best-performing colors include the translucent green, yellow and red jig called the hulk. The mixed red and gold foils labeled coca-cola and the UV glow of the Night White Tiger.

Rating 8/10

To Wrap Up


So, there you have it. The three best of the best, and the two best performance/price on the market at the moment. I added the last two because, even though we all want the best, the thought of losing a $30-$40 jig can be a bit much.

For a few tips on Squiding, where to go, and how to catch them, check out my post at How To Target And Catch More Squid.

Catching squid (or egis as they call it in Japan) is a great pastime. Whether you have the best jig available, or just whatever you can afford, getting out and wetting a line is a reward in itself. If you catch something, that’s a bonus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, and maybe even made your mind up on your next purchase. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. As Always

Tight Lines

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