Surf Fishing Lures Guaranteed to Catch More Fish (The Best 8)

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Some people who fish in the surf tend to throw bait, then wait for a fish to come along. While this method works, it can be a boring way to fish. However, when using Surf Fishing Lures, you’re staying active and increasing your chances of catching fish.


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Many years ago, when I first started fishing, my grandfather told me ‘Fish Don’t Have Hands’. While this may sound strange, it is the premise behind all lure fishing. Consequently, even if a fish isn’t hungry, it may take a lure just because it is annoying.

Also, predator fish love the chase, and a moving lure will trigger their hunter instincts.

If you love your surf fishing as I do, check out my post at ‘How To Fish In The Surf (And Catch More’) for some great tips and techniques.

As well as going through the best Surf Fishing Lures, I will also answer some of your most commonly asked questions;


  1. What are the best lures for surf fishing?
  2. What should I look for when buying fishing lures?
  3. What is a fishing lure?
  4. What type of lure do I need for surf fishing?


So let’s get straight into it.


Lures Reviewed


  1. Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait
  2. Heddon Zara Spook Topwater
  3. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures
  4. Kastmaster Lure with Bucktail Teaser
  5. Sea Striker Surf Spoon
  6. Bomber Lures Mullet
  7. THKFISH Topwater Fishing Lures GT Popper
  8. Bomber Lures Badonk-A-Donk

Using a lure In the surf is not easy, and not all lures can be used when fishing here. If you use the wrong lure, you may find yourself getting snagged a lot, or losing your lure. Surf Fishing Lures are different as they are designed to stay near the surface to avoid this.


Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait 



Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait 



  • Power Treble Hook
  • 3D Prism Finish
  • Sharp Darting Performance
  • Inner Hologram Sheet
  • Quick Response by Fixed Weighted Center
  • Tough and Durable ABS Resin
  • Slow Sinking

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Yo-Zuri’s 3D Inshore Twitch slow-sinking lipless hard bait has an excellent balance for quick starting action around the cover. Designed to be fished in shallow water, the 3D Inshore Twitch Bait is an exceptional choice for fishing grass flats, oyster bars, or, working troughs along the beach.

Featuring Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D prism finish sends out flashes of light that fish can see from a great distance.

Furthermore, the internal hologram sheet never wears off and keeps on flashing even when the clear body is scratched.

Moreover, the deep-bodied shape mirrors a variety of the baitfish that top inshore predators target including Threadfin Herring, Pilchards, and Peanut Bunker.

Species – Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout, Bass, Black Drum, Sheepshead, etc



Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure 


Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure 




  • Walk-the-dog fishing technique
  • Topwater bait lure
  • Double hook design
  • 3 inches long, 1/4 oz weight, #6 Hooks
  • 17 Colors and designs

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Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure has a distinctive action that calls them from great distances, prompting explosive strikes with every cast.

The Heddon Zara Spook invented the walk-the-dog retrieve more than 50 years ago. Despite being copied hundreds of times during the past decade, the Zara is still the king of topwater fishing.

Moreover, Zara Spook is just the right size and produces just the right side-to-side retrieve for anglers looking for big fish.

Heddon is a big name in lures. Not to mention their other popular designs like the Wounded Zara Spook and the Zara Puppy. They’re sure to have the right lure for you.

Species – Bass, Redfish, Trout, Pike, Striper, Tarpon, Snook, etc




TRUSCEND Fishing Lures


TRUSCEND Fishing Lures




  • 8 Segments Lifelike Lures
  • Hight Simulations
  • Bass Vibrations
  • Wide Variety Of Species
  • Fresh And Saltwater
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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Designed with 8 segmented multi-jointed bodies, the Truscend fishing lures can sink slowly and move flexibly in water. In addition, life-like swimming actions make it attract more catches and provoke predator fish to strike.

Featuring 3D realistic-looking eyes and pearl powder coating, this swimbait appears delicate and vivid and looks like a real fish. A perfect fishing bait that easily cheats fish.

Furthermore, it’s made of high-quality ABS material and equipped with a built-in rattle. Consequently, this vibe lure can continuously emit the fish sound wave during swimming. Therefore provoking fish and inducing them to attack.

Truscend also offers 12-month quality assurance and lifetime professional customer service.

Species –  Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Roach, Trout, Snook, Salmon, etc



Kastmaster Lure with Bucktail Teaser


Acme Kastmaster Lure





  • Bucktail Teaser
  • Single Hook
  • Made to last
  • High-Quality Materials
  •  Solid Brass
  • Fresh and saltwater

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The legendary Kastmaster lure now features an added Bucktail Teaser to drive fish crazy and trigger more bites. What’s more, Kastmaster’s balance produces wild action without the line twist associated with most lures of this type.

Because of its aerodynamic design, it’s the master distance caster. Consequently, it’s ideal for fur surfing and beach fishing.

Kastmaster Lure with Bucktail Teaser will catch fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-sized stripers – in fresh and saltwater. Furthermore, the Kastmaster is precision machined from brass, and will not break, bend or corrode.

Moreover, it will retain its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water. Each lure comes with a split ring and a single hook with the bucktail.

For these reasons, it’s ideal for heavy spinning, casting, and trolling in surf, sea, and big lakes.

Species – Stripers, Blues, Jacks, Lake Trout, Steelhead & Salmon, etc




Sea Striker Surf Spoon



Sea Striker Surf Spoon




  • High-Quality Material
  • Fresh and Saltwater
  • Ideal for casting and trolling
  • Treble hook
  • Long Cast

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Founded nearly 50 years ago, Sea Striker brings serious anglers fish-catching products they can count on.

Sea Striker Suff Spoons will be by your side when you’re looking to land your next big catch. Additionally, they have a wide range of fresh and saltwater lures. These include Got-Cha plugs, soft plastics, dusters, and Bucktail teasers.

They all feature bright colors with great action to grab a fish’s attention.

Sea Striker-bearing snap swivels are small but strong enough to handle almost any species and depth. Meanwhile, sinker slides are inexpensive to weigh down the braided line without fraying it.

Species – Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Trout, Bass, etc





Bomer Lures Mullet



Bomber Lures Mullet Slow-Sinking Twitch




  • Slow-Sinking
  • Good Castability
  • Twitch/Walking Lure
  • Top or Below Water Action
  • Multiple Colors Available


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Bomer Lures Mullet can be fished quickly across the surface in a walk-the-dog fashion to catch active fish hitting the surface. Additionally, it can also be walked slowly under the surface to catch more inactive fish.

Featuring strong, #2 saltwater grade hooks and durable corrosion-resistant body and hardware. Consequently, it will have no problem handling the toughest conditions and even the toothiest fish.

Furthermore, the unique super-slow-sinking action will catch fish with a variety of retrieves. Weighs 5/8-ounce and casts well even against the ever-present wind.

Species – Catches all species of game fish game-fish, including speckled trout, redfish, striped bass, and more.




THKFISH Topwater Fishing Lures GT Popper


THKFISH Topwater Fishing Lures




  • Top-water Lure
  • Integrated Wired Structure
  • Inner Weighted Steel Ball
  • Six Colors
  • Salt and Freshwater

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For loud popping and splashing action that makes a big scene. Features an extra brilliant flash in the water that makes it seem like real fish. Moreover, the 3D eyes will trick even the smartest fish into thinking that the bait is real.

THKFISH Topwater Fishing Lures GT Popper lure makes a sound when shaken, which is another key to success. These popper lures truly are impressive!

This GT Popper features an integrated through a wired structure. For this reason, it prevents the big fish from biting off the bait and running away. Additionally, the sharp and durable treble decent VMC hooks keep the fish firmly hooked when it tries to make a last-minute run or jump.

As A Result, they are strong enough to catch big fish, lowering the decoupling rate.

In addition, an integrated, inner weight shift steel ball to avoid spinning in the water.  For this reason, the GT Popper can also achieve a super far casting distance. Additionally, with the weighted ball, you also get an attractive noise in the water and improved stability when swimming.

Species – Surfcasting for Striped Bass, Jack, or Roosterfish. Casting on the boat for Tuna, Shark, and Dorado. Widely targeting predator fishes such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, trout, etc




Bomber Lures Badonk-A-Donk



Bomber Lures Badonk-A-Donk Topwater Surf Fishing Lures



  • Attractive Lure
  • Good Castability
  • High/Low Pitch Frequency
  • Fresh and Saltwater
  • Topwater


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In case it’s explosive topwater action you’re looking for, look no further. The topwater Badonk-A-Donk’s eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping action is irresistible to fish. Notably, it’s designed from the inside out with saltwater-greater-grade hardware and components.

In addition, this lure is offered in two sizes, a variety of colors, and two pitches (vibration frequency). The high pitch (Hp) version is perfect for windy days and stained water conditions, in contrast, the low pitch (Lp) version is just what you need on those calm days and clear water.

Sometimes the fish just want something a little different, so don’t be timid. Mix things up. No matter which pitch you choose, the panicked prey vibration will produce.

Species – Trout, Tarpon, Jacks, Snook, Reds, Banita, Mackerel, Striper, Bluefish, Bass, etc



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That’s A Wrap


To sum up, if you’re looking for a quality surf lure at a reasonable price, you can’t surpass this lure selection. Just about every fish species is covered in these lures from Bass to Mackerel. I have selected the best for you that will guarantee you more strikes ( The Catching Is Up To You)

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Don’t forget to head over to How To Fish In The Surf And Catch More’ for some additional tips on surf fishing. Moreover, for the best rigs to use while in the surf, you can check out Surf Fishing Rigs That Will Catch More Fish (Plus Questions Answered)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or stories to share, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. As Always

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