The Best Aerator To Keep Your Fish Alive

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Live bait is an essential part of fishing. Any angler will tell you that they catch more with live bait than dead. It promotes the predatory fish’s primal instinct in taking the food while it’s on offer. With a Fishing Aerator, you can keep your bait alive long enough so you can catch the fish of a lifetime.Aerator

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With live bait, the bites are bigger, and you avoid the peckers eating your bait before the big fish gets a chance.

AeratorIf you haven’t tried live bait fishing yet, I encourage you to give it a go and see the difference.



  1. Marine Metal Aerator Bubble Box
  2. KEDSUM Battery Air Pump
  3. Marine Metal Bubbles Pump B-3
  4. Frabill Ice Min-O-Life Aerator
  5. Marine Metal Hush Bubbles
  6. Rapala Floating Aerator
  7. Marine Metal Quiet Bub
  8. Flambeau Outdoors Portable Aerator
  9. ENGEL Live Bait Aerator Pump
  10. Fishernomics Fish and Bait Aerator
  11. Rapala Aerator

Marine Metal Aerator Bubble Box


FeaturesMarine Metal Aerator Bubble Box

  • 4 STL / minute
  • Designed for fresh and saltwater use
  • Up To 7 1/2 Gallons
  • Battery Operated
  • 40 hrs Run Time
  • 1.5 Volt
  • 1 Year Warranty


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Marine Metal Bubble Box Air Pump turns any bucket, cooler, or ice chest into a portable live well. With up to 40 hours of operation on just 2 “D” batteries, this is the portable, affordable Pump to keep live bait alive and fresh. It can aerate up to 8 gallons, with an impact water resistant case and rubber booted Aerator switch.

Featuring a weight air stone with 24″ of silicone air line tubing enclosed in the pump. The large adjustable stainless steel clip will make for easy attaching to any bucket. With a dry box design for keeping the pump dry while in use, each pump is individually tank tested to assure the highest quality.


KEDSUM Battery Air Pump

FeaturesKEDSUM Battery Air Pump

  • USB Rechargeable
  • Powerful Motor
  • 2 Air Outlets
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Ultra Whisper Quiet
  • Fresh And Saltwater Compatible
  • 1 Year Warranty


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A Rechargeable battery provides up to 20hrs aeration time. It can be charged with a laptop, a wall charger, or a power bank. Not only will it save you money and is eco-friendly, but you’ll also never need to worry about your batteries going flat again.

Although small, this air pump is equipped with power that can generate a large amount of aeration. With a max flow rate of 2.5L/min×2. Perfect for use with both Freshwater and Salt, it can be used with any bucket up to 30 gallons

With 2 check valves to keep water from back flowing into your pump, much safer. With a rated power of 4W, this air pump is energy-efficient and won’t get overheated when running. Moreover, it’s Ultra Whisper Quite in the lowest flow rate and comes with a 1 -Year warranty.


Marine Metal Bubbles Pump B-3


FeaturesMarine Metal Bubbles Pump B-3

  • 85 Hour Run Time
  • Fresh And Saltwater
  • Pumps 1.0 STL / minute
  • 8 Gallon pump


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Marine Metal is synonymous with aeration, as shown by how many you will find on this list. The Bubbles Air Pump is no exception. This air pump can keep up to 8 gallons of water aerated for an amazing 85 hours on just 2 “D” batteries. Coming with a booted waterproof switch, the Marine Metal Bubbles Pump B-3 is good to go for hours of fishing.

Marine Metal has you back when it comes to keeping your bait alive. With a weighted glass bead airstone and 30″ of airline tubing, your bait will love you (until you put them on your hook) Featuring an impact-resistant case and adjustable stainless steel clip. It can be attached to any bucket.


Frabill Ice Min-O-Life Aerator


FeaturesFrabill Ice Min-O-Life Aerator

  • Salt and Freshwater
  • 15 Gallon
  • Whisper quiet
  • Water-resistant gasket and switch
  • Easily clips to any bucket
  • One-touch on/off switch


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Although probably better known for their Live Bait Buckets, Frabill also makes a good quality aerator. This pocket-sized portable aerator is a whisper to not spook the fish. This keeps the bait healthy and keeps the water quiet, just like it should be.

The Frabill Ice Min-O-Life Aerator can aerate up to 15 gallons. This kit comes with everything you need to keep your bait alive straight out of the box. The kit includes an aerator, hose, and stone. The clip easily attaches to any bucket, turning it into a live bait bucket. Featuring a water-resistant gasket and a one-touch on/off switch.



Marine Metal Hush Bubbles


FeaturesMarine Metal Hush Bubbles

  • Salt and Freshwater
  • Aerates up to 8 gallons
  • Pumps 1.2 STL/minute
  • Very Quiet
  • 52 Hours Run Time


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The Marine Metal Hush Bubbles won’t scare the fish away that you’re trying to catch. Instead, this quiet machine will detoxify your bait’s water and keep the bait fresh and vital so you can make a big catch. Operates on 2 D-cells for up to 52 hours.

The water-resistant case has a neoprene seal and a booted waterproof switch. Beryllium copper battery contacts ensure longer battery life. Including a weighted air stone with 24″ silicone airline and tubing in the pump, it also has a large adjustable stainless steel clip for attaching to any bucket.

The dry Box design is designed to keep the pump dry while in use. Ideal for fresh or saltwater fishing so you can go anywhere you want with your live bait. All Individually tank tested to make sure they are ready to go straight out of the box.


Rapala Floating Aerator

FeaturesRapala Floating Aerator

  • Floating Aerator
  • 2 Different Settings
  • 18-hour Continuous
  • 36 At 15 Minute Intervals
  • Pumps 1.5 STL/Min


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Delivering compact performance and big-time operation, the Rapala Floating Aerator provides anglers with a portable means of keeping their catch or their bait as healthy as possible. Built with an air release stone at the bottom, the Rapala Floating Aerator gently mixes air into the water as it floats along the surface.

Powered by 3 “C” batteries, the Rapala Floating Aerator is water/switch activated and delivers 18 hours of continuous run time or 36 hours of run time on 15-minute intervals. Made to aerate 1.5L (0.4Gal) of water per minute, this aerator provides a convenient and functional means of keeping fish happy and healthy.

This water-activated, floating aerator may be compact but offers the big-time operation, by gently mixing air into water.


Marine Metal Quiet Bub

FeaturesMarine Metal Quiet Bub

  • Super Quiet
  • 40 Hours Run Time
  • 8 Gallons
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Clip
  • Individually Tank Tested


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One of the quietest air pumps available, the Marine Metal Quiet Bubbles Air Pump runs up to 40 hours on 2D batteries. The pump features a rubber booted switch, beryllium copper battery contacts, a weighted airstone for greater dissolved oxygen, and 24″ of silicone air line tubing enclosed in the pump.

An overlap case construction with a neoprene seal ensures no water gets in. For use in fresh and salt water, the Marin Metal Quiet Bubbles can Aerates 7-1/2 gallons. A large adjustable stainless steel clip means you can attach it to any bucket.

The dry Box design is designed to keep the pump dry while in use. Each pump individually tanks tested to assure the highest quality.


Flambeau Outdoors Portable Aerator

FeaturesFlambeau Outdoors Portable Aerator

  • 40Hour Run Time
  • 12V and 110V Adaptors
  • 10 Gallon


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The Flambeau Outdoors Deluxe Aerator is designed to oxygenate the water to keep your live bait fresh for longer periods. Runs on [2] D batteries to provide a long run time of 40 hours. You can also use the 12V and 110V adapters to keep live bait healthy overnight or during transportation.

The Deluxe Aerator includes an air hose, stone, 12V, and 110V adapters so that you can use it to aerate any bait bucket, anywhere. This aerator has a compact, portable design that is water-resistant so you can take it wherever you’re fishing excursions take you.


ENGEL Live Bait Aerator Pump


FeaturesENGEL Live Bait Aerator Pump

  • Ultra Quiet
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Universal Clip
  • 36 Hour Run Time
  • Magnetic pump mechanism
  • 3 Speeds / Intermittent bubble control
  • Lightweight


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This is one of, if not the quietest pumps on the market. With A Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery that provides 36 hours of run time, your bait will stay alive till you need them.

Featuring a standard USB-C charger and cable, and can charge from a battery pack or car lighter adapter. Furthermore, the pump can work while charging.

The magnetic pump mechanism has no cogs or moving parts, so this aerator will not freeze up or jam. Moreover, the pump has 3 speeds and an intermittent bubbles option. It’s also water resistant and saltwater approved


Fishernomics Fish And Bait Aerator


FeaturesFishernomics Fish And Bait Aerator

  • Rechargeable
  • Long Lasting
  • Water Resistant
  • Hanging Clip
  • Rubber Footing


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No more carting around those bulky D-size batteries. This aerator can be charged with your phone charger, car charger, or anything with a USB port. Making it environmentally friendly.

The pump contains TWO modes: It can run up to 13 hours in continuous mode or 25 hours in intermittent mode! Intermittent mode is a constant on and off the pulse of 20 seconds at a time to last you all day.

Splash guards help protect your pump from getting water damage. As it should be for fishing buckets and anything water related. A hanging clip helps you easily clip onto your favorite fishing bucket or on the edge of rimless aquariums. Furthermore, the rubber footing reduces vibration noise to help keep it more quiet.


Rapala Aerator


  • Quiet And Powerful
  • Battery Operated
  • 50 Hours Run Time
  • Fresh And Saltwater


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Keep your live baits lively with the Rapala RAERTR-C Battery Aerator. Features a quiet, powerful diaphragm pump. The 24-inch hose provides numerous mounting possibilities and includes a filter stone to protect the pump from unwanted debris. With 50 hours of run time, you don’t need to worry about flat batteries.

This aerator runs on two C-cell batteries so there’s no need for AC or DC electrical hookups. It comes with a 60cm solid plastic hose and an air stone to diffuse the bubbles. Plus it has a clip on the back so it can be secured to a bucket or a boat’s life well.



That’s A Wrap

When it comes to keeping your bait alive, a good aerator is essential. Although it’s not the only way. If you’re looking for an aerator and bait bucket combo or a live bait bucket, follow this link to ‘The Best Buckets To Keep Your Bait Alive‘ to see the best available.

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