The Best Wheeled Tackle Boxes For Storage And Convenience

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Fishing from a pier, jetty, or wharf has always been a great pastime. For most of us, this is where it all started. Fishing tackle boxes with wheels are the way to go if you have the space.

Jetty fishing

This type of box is great for many different applications. Probably the only place you wouldn’t use a rolling tackle box would be when beach fishing. If this is what you are looking for, I recommend checking out The Best Tackle Boxes And Bags for Beach Fishing.

With these, there is no having to leave gear at home that you can’t carry.

The accessibility and convenience of fishing in these locations make it one of the most commonly used fish places in the world. If you would like to learn a bit more about fishing in these locations, check out How to Fish From A Jetty: Or Pier/Wharf

Finding the best tackle boxes for pier fishing can be a challenge, there are just so many options available.


  1. Elkton Outdoor Rolling Tackle Box
  2. Okuma Nomad Rolling Deck Bag
  3. Romali Rolling Fishing Backpack
  4. DAWN UPON Rolling Fishing Backpack
  5. HalfHook Rolling Fishing Tackle Backpack
  6. Calissa Offshore Rolling Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoor Rolling Tackle Box


Now for the ultimate in tackle boxes. If you are serious about your fishing, then the Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box is for you. You won’t need to leave anything at home with this bag.


Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box




  • Extendable handle for rolling or strap to carry
  • Tough fabric and zippers
  • Padded and adjustable top storage compartment
  • Five retractable 3600 sizes, 18-compartment tackle trays
  • Waterproof
  • Holds up to 26.5 pounds
  • Four PVC rod holders


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First of all, the ultimate in fishing tackle boxes, the Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box, will carry everything you need, and more. With a tough extendable handle and two heavy-duty wheels, you can easily transport all of your fishing gear to the end of that pier or jetty.

Alternatively, if going bush, the handy carry strap or backpack feature makes life just that bit easier. At just 11.8 pounds (5.35kgs) in weight (empty) it won’t ruin your back.

Moreover, the Elkon Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box has so many features, you will wonder how you ever did without it before. Maybe, best of all, with easy front access, finding the right equipment when you need it is easier than ever.

The removable storage boxes make organizing your fishing gear easy accessibility accessible. No more removing and searching through all your storage boxes to find what you need.

Lastly, the top of the Elkon Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box has one large adjustable compartment that can be divided up into two or three sections to help you organize your gear the way you want. Great for Pier/Jetty fishing, Boat, River, Fly, or pretty much any fishing trip you might be going on.



  • Can carry everything you need
  • Heavy-duty wheels and extendable handle
  • Waterproof
  • Rod Holders
  • Extra large compartment for larger, bulkier items
  • Can be carried on back


  • A little bulky
  • Quite Expensive (but well worth it)


Rating 9.5/10



Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Box


The Nomad Rolling Tackle Box is your alternative to the Elkton. This one can hold up to 4 tackle boxes and 4 rods. Both are quite similar, though the Nomad has a few different features.


Okuma Nomad Rolling Deck Bag



  • High-grade 600-denier rip-stop polyester with PVC coating
  • Comfortable, padded adjustable carrying strap
  • Sturdy, easy-operation retractable handle
  • 4 PVC rod holders built into corners
  • Comes with additional, dividable top storage
  • High-quality molded composite zippers which are extremely strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Large additional side pockets
  • Comes with (3) 3700 size tackle trays and (1) deep 3730 size tackle tray
  • Okuma’s 1-year limited warranty


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The top storage compartment has adjustable dividers, so you can shrink or enlarge it to suit your needs. The rod holders (which are PVC) can be removed for extra storage. All the zippers are made with high-quality composite and are treated to be resistant to corrosion.

The trays are all of a large size. With the top being slightly larger at 3730, and the other 3 at 3700. These will give you all the space you need, making it great for carrying all your gear. The side pockets are huge, and great for those bulkier items.

Additionally, Okuma Nomad Rolling Deck Bag boasts some extra features including an inner lid pocket, inner storage pocket, and back storage pocket to ensure lures, leaders, lines, terminal tackle, and tools are all neatly accounted for. Most importantly, a rugged, collapsible handle and wheels allow for effortless transportation on dry land.



  • Very well-made
  • Lots of storage
  • 4 PVC rod holders
  • Huge side pockets
  • 4 trays included
  • Corrosion-resistant zippers
  • 1-Year warranty



  • Handle is a bit short (can be a problem for tall people like myself)
  • Quite expensive


Rating 9/10


Romali Rolling Fishing Backpack


The next of the rolling tackle boxes on this list is the Rolling Fishing Backpack from Romali. As the name suggests, it is more a backpack, but with the added addition of wheels, it deserved a position on this list.

Romali’s Rolling Fishing Backpack




  • High-quality zips and double-sewn seams
  • High-quality waterproof fabric
  • Detachable handles
  • 4 fishing rod holders
  • 3 removable tackle boxes
  • Insulated cooler bag
  • Reinforced telescopic handle
  • Pliers holder with strap


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This roller fishing bag is equipped with sturdy, durable wheels and a reinforced telescopic handle, padded shoulder straps, detachable handles, plus an additional securing strap. Additionally, this waterproof fishing backpack also features 4-rod holders and 3 plastic boxes for storage.

Another great feature of the Romali Rolling Fishing Backpack is the added cooler bag. What a fishing trip without a few cold beverages to enjoy while you wet a line, and a couple of snacks. Attached with thick velcro straps, you don’t need to worry about it coming loose. This fully insulated cooler is also detachable, so you only need to take it when the situation calls for it.

The bonus of the padded shoulder straps is this isn’t just for jetty/pier or wharf fishing. Just about any fishing or outdoor activity like hiking and camping would be well suited to this bag.



  • Roller and backpack
  • Detachable cooler bag
  • Waterproof
  • 4-rod holders



  • Not as big as other roller tackle boxes


Rating 8/10



DAWN UPON Rolling Fishing Backpack


A versatile rolling backpack that’s perfect for adventure-seekers who want to embrace the outdoors. The Dawn Upon Rolling Fishing Backpack is weather-proof and Ideal for hiking, camping, and fishing. It can withstand rain, snow, sand, and wind. No matter what you have in mind, this backpack has you covered.



DAWN UPON Rolling Fishing BackpackFeatures


  • Room for 5 tackle plastic boxes
  • Cargo strap
  • Waterproof
  • 4 removable rod holders
  • Padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Wheeled base
  • Extendable handle
  • Tacklebox fasteners


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The bottom compartment has the capacity of storing up to 5 removable trays to keep bait, tools, and equipment nearly organized. It also has removable rod holders on both sides that each have a PVC and hooks to hold even the largest rods, keeping hands free for other important tasks.

Crafted from premium waterproof material; there’s no need to worry about your belongings getting damaged on your outdoor adventures. The bottom compartment is lined to ensure that fishing equipment and tackle won’t get spoiled.

Measuring 24” x 14” x 10”, the generous size of this camouflage backpack provides ample storage space in the form of pockets and compartments in varying sizes. The top compartment is ideal for carrying a cooler box. Lightweight yet durable, it is also strength-tested up to 100 pounds, allowing you to fill it with all the essential equipment you need!



  • 5 removable tackle boxes
  • Waterproof
  • Padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Lots of storage space
  • Wheeled base
  • Good for fishing, camping, hiking, or hunting



  • Maybe too heavy when fully loaded


Rating 8/10



HalfHook Rolling Fishing Tackle Backpack


If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, that doesn’t compromise on space or quality, then maybe the HalfHook Rolling Fishing Tackle Backpack is what you are looking for.





  • Premium Quality Material
  • Smart Storage Options
  • User-Friendly Handling
  • Pack of Five Tray
  • Convenient Usage
  • Waterproof
  • 4 Rod Holders
  • Also A Backpack
  • Removable Partitions


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Manufactured from top-graded Nylon the fishing tackle storage bag is durable, long-lasting, and skin-friendly. Moreover, indestructible buckles and double zippers allow no water seepage and keep everything neat and clean. The high-quality padding material inhibits scratching.

HalfHook Rolling Fishing Tackle Backpack comes with two removable PVC pipes giving an additional rod storage feature, making it a proper multipurpose storage bag. With this tackle box backpack, you can carry trays, snacks, drinks, and everyday items whenever going out fishing.

 Featuring straps designed to accommodate variable-size rods and can even fit the larger angular ones. Additionally, a padded feature of the fishing tackle backpack offers a strong grip and a breathable component ensuring no sweating. The long adjustable handlebar of the fishing tackle bag comes with an added hand pad to guarantee less friction.

This Waterproof fishing backpack tackle box is sturdy and strong. More importantly, it features a large storage capacity.



  • Waterproof
  • 5 Trays
  • Removable straps
  • Good quality wheels
  • 4 removable rod holders
  • Additional top storage


  • Not made in America
  • Not as much storage as others (but still plenty)


Rating 8/10




Calissa Offshore Rolling Tackle Box


The last entry into the list of rolling tackle boxes is the Calissa Offshore Rolling Tackle Box. Unlike the others on this list, the Calissa comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 12-month warranty.


Recon' Rolling Fishing Backpack



  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • 4-rod holders
  • 5 x 3650 removable tackle boxes
  • shoulder straps
  • Retractable handle
  • Wheeled base
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


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Calissa is an American company, made by people that are also fish. Not many tackle boxes will come with a 1-year warranty, let alone a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how much Calissa thinks you will love this bag.

When saltwater fishing, you want to be out all day. The lightweight, breathable fabric and zips are also corrosion-resistant. With the added spray/rain cover, you don’t need to worry about the elements. Furthermore, the sturdy feet underneath will keep your bag dry no matter where it sits.

This tackle bag is designed to take everything you need, with space to spare. The front compartment holds 5×3650 containers, with the top compartment with removable dividers for carrying larger equipment. Now everything is within easy reach, no more fumbling and searching for what you need.



  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • Also a backpack
  • 4-rod holders



  • Sometimes falls forward
  • No pocket or a way to securer shoulder straps


Rating 7.5/10



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Having a great tackle box is one thing, knowing how to organize it is another. I have taken the liberty of writing a post on the subject. you can check it out here at How To Organize Your Tackle Box.

That’s a Wrap


Not only are all these bags great for fishing off structures, but the bonus of the shoulder straps make these great for many activities. From fishing to hunting, camping, or hiking, any one of these bags would be perfect.

These are the best rolling tackle boxes available, and I hope that all my research has helped you in making an informed decision on your next purchase.

Now, a rolling tackle box is great, but if you are looking for something a bit more all-around, check out another of my posts at The Best Value Fishing Tackle Boxes For Space.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to talk about anything fishing, feel free to leave a comment. I have been fishing for many (many) years, and love to share my knowledge. As Always

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